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What is the main purpose of a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is an association or network of businesspeople designed to promote and protect the interests of its members. A Chamber of Commerce is often made up of a group of business owners that share a locale or interests but can also be international in scope.

What are the four functions of the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber keeps these broad objectives in mind as it works to improve the community's economy and quality of life:

- Help businesses prosper and grow.
- Increase job opportunities.
- Encourage an orderly expansion and development of all segments of the community.
- Contribute to the overall stability of the community.

What does the Chamber of Commerce do?

1. Provides educational opportunities for members.
2. Assists businesses with marketing.
3. Hosts networking events

What are the benefits of being a member of the Chamber of Commerce?

1. Make business contacts.
2. Receive Chamber newsletters.
3. Acquire customer referrals.
4. Bring credibility to your business.
5. Increase your visibility in the community.
6. Networking opportunities.

Should I join the Chamber of Commerce?

Being part of the Chamber is a great way to get to know businesses and business owners in the community. Your new business friends will probably be happy to support you with discounts, advice, assistance with special tasks, word-of-mouth marketing, collaborative projects, and more.

How do I maximise my Chamber of Commerce membership?

1. Identify what you hope to gain from your membership.
2. Include your entire staff in your membership.
3. Connect with fellow members.
4. Get involved.
5. Use online membership directory and do business with Chamber members.
6. Make your membership pay for itself.
7. Use the Chamber as a marketing tool.

Do I have to live or work in the area to join?

No. Although our catchment area includes the Town of Brice Mines, the Townships of Johnson and Plummer Additional and as far north as Primeau Lake, businesses and residents from other areas are welcome to join.

How can I get involved?

The Chamber is always looking for volunteers for events and activities. Come along to our Meet and Greet events or contact us directly at info@brucemineschamber.com.

How are decisions made by the Chamber?

Decisions are made by the Board of Directors which is made up of Chamber members and business owners in the community. Directors are chosen by nomination at the Annual General Meeting.

How is the Chamber funded?

The Chamber is primarily self funding through annual membership fees and special events. Its key fundraiser is the French Fry Booth set up at numeroous events throughout the year.

What does the Chamber do with the funds it raises?

Over the years money raised by the Chamber has been used to support a whole variety of events, activities and sponsorships. A summary of just some of the things supported can be viewed on the Chamber Achievements page.

How do I update my details on the Business Directory?

Simply send your changes via email to info@brucemineschamber.com.

How can I get my business featured as a "Business of the Month"?

Selection is open to all members who wish to have their names "entered into the hat". This can be done by either dropping your name/business card into the box at the Meet and Greet events or by sending an email to info@brucemineschamber.com. Selection is then normally done for the forrhcoming quarter with "winners" being chosen at random.