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The area is home to a number of historic buildings, such as:

The McKay Island Lighthouse - built in 1907 on the south easterly tip of McKay Island. It was built to serve the timber industry and is now under the care of Bruce Bay Cottages and is an all season housekeeping lighthouse. Step back in history, be a Keeper of the Light, read the Keeper's original journals, our historical books on the area and watch the lake freighters.

Bruce Mines Museum– Built in 1894 as a Presbyterian Church, this building was abandoned in 1917 when the Presbyterian and Methodist churches joined to form the United Church. It has been used as a post office, library and school until 1961 when it became the Bruce Mines Museum.

The museum opened for the 2011 season on 1 June and is open daily for visitors.

For further information please visit the Town of Bruce Mines website

Simpson Mine Shaft – was named after George Simpson, director of the Montreal Mining Company. It was recreated in 1991 to look as it would have in 1846/47 and is open for guided tours during the summer months.

Visitors get a glimpse of what it was like to mine on the shores of Lake Huron. See a replica of a horse pulled whim that pulled the buckets of ore up and down the mineshaft, and walk in the footsteps of the miners down in the actual sloop mine.

Rydal Bank Church, 1634 Highway 638, Township of Plummer Additional – was built in 1907 and served the community as a Presbyterian, Union and United Church. A picture is available

Rydal Bank Community Hall, 16 Hoath Street, Township of Plummer Additional – was built around 1896 and served as an Orange Lodge and The Hall is also significant for its architecture, being the only structure of its kind in the Township and surrounding area.

Its steeply pitched roof adds height to the one-storey front gabled building, constructed of clapboard with cedar shingles across the gable ends, and features 2 over 2 windows that are distinctive of the style used by local builder, Walter Robinson.

Taylor Street - visitors may also enjoy a tour of Taylor Street to view a number of historic homes, the Bruce Mines United Church, St George's Anglican Church and the historic cemetery.