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With the greatest natural attraction of the area being the forests and fields, lakes and rivers scattered throughout the area, it's only natural that the most popular recreational activities of Bruce Mines and Area occur in the outdoors.

Highway 638 which is a paved highway that runs from Bruce Mines around to Echo Bay through gently rolling hills, farming land and small villages is a popular route for cyclists.


With Canadian Shield rock outcrops interspersed with fields and forests, hills and valleys, lakes and rivers, the sparsely populated wilderness area around Bruce Mines provides a variety of views and vistas and ample wildlife viewing opportunities for hiking enthusiasts and birdwatchers. 

The renowned Voyageur Trail now has a new connector link from Bruce Mines Arena staging area.   In addition to the Voyageur Trail, several resorts and lodges in the area have access to extensive trail networks either on their property or on adjacent land. 

Area Resorts that provide cycling and hiking trail access:

Bruce Bay Cottages 

Island trail network for casual nature viewing.